The People's Notre-Dame Design Competition

Kotaro Horiuchi, Kumiko Yamamoto, Clarissa Maharani Hartanto, Itoko Yamazaki, Supreetha Sudheer, Maho Nagasaka,Yuki Kanazawa, Atsuko Watanabe


Designer's Description

Keeping “Void“ as an origin of Paris for past, present, and futureAll things in the world is always changing, never to be eternal. Japanese sometimes describe that as “MUJO / Vanity“, so that burn out of the spire and roof on the Notre-Dame Cathedral is a principle of nature which no one against . So the best is to keep than build. Reconstruct with only minimum parts for the history and future of Notre-Dame Cathedral itself, regarding the tragedy, fire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral as a part of events in the huge history of humanity. Keeping “Void” for evoking the origin of Paris and open for all.Instead of reconstructing the spire and roof completely, only the structural “Framework” made by metal is constructed. It is not only HOMAGE, but also for feasible. Maximum temperature of the fire is approximately 1,200℃, but melting point of the metal is approximately 1,538℃ and has excellent fire resistance. Indeed, the cross of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which didn’t burn out was made by the material which melting point is similar to the metal. “Framework” inherited what Notre-Dame Cathedral was, come to be green spontaneously with the time goes by.“Le toit-terrasse / Roof terrace” to be “Floating Forest”, which is blended with Paris not only incorporates the history so far, but it should be a place open to people all over the world as a new Notre-Dame Cathedral. “Hole” made by burn out of the spire inherit to the future as what remaining the tragedy of fire and part of the history of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Covered the hole with glass for prevent rain, which people can stroll and peer in. Gaze for the empty “Hole” is similar to thinking over something making away. Such behavior is also like a look towards God, and it is also a religious activity that the Notre-Dame Cathedral inherently has. The light, overflowing from green and plug from “Hole” is bringing up the darkness inside and making stratified space, which can experience only the people there are. Cité island, where Notre-Dame Cathedral is, have been said to be the birthplace of Paris. At that place, the horizon of “Void” is accidentally made by fire. “Framework” inherited what Notre-Dame Cathedral was, “Hole” made by fire (no one knows that tragedy of the Notre Dame Cathedral was just accident or inevitable), and “Floating Forest” symbolize revival. Keeping “Void” space which symbolize origin of Paris, as existence which remaining us past, present, and future. We want to keep the Notre-Dame Cathedral as the Holy Mother, keep on watching people in Paris affectionately.

Top 50 Visions of Notre-Dame